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AUDIO samples

for Pathways to jazz grant application 

Because I will be working in a new ensemble format, I have provided examples that display the range of sounds, textures, and moods in which I work- including samples of my playing and composition with both instrumentalists and vocalists.


Since the new project will include reimagined arrangements of songs from the Woodstock era, I have included a few previous reinterpretations of rock, pop, and folk songs from my CDs.


I hope this will allow you to hear some of the intended directions for the new project.

I created one 9.5-minute sample track of clips from several recent recordings of my playing, composing and arranging, and that feature some of the artists involved in the proposed project, including Ingrid Jensen.

Timings and info on the samples are below the audio player.

All recordings (except Ms. Jensen's) were recorded at UNC Recording Studio, where the new project will be recorded.

Underneath that is a player with a collection of the full tracks.

At the bottom of the page are two of the videos I've created to support past projects.

Time listings and notes on the Sample Track:



Collectivate (an original song from my CD "Red Skies"). With Dana Landry (keyboards), Steve Kovalcheck (guitar), Jim White (drums).


Full Moon Tea Party (a song of mine for seven-piece jazz ensemble). With Dana Landry (piano), Steve Kovalcheck (guitar), Jim White (drums), Clay Jenkins (trumpet), Don Aliquo (saxophone) and Paul McKee (trombone).


Nobody’s Fault But Mine (my re-interpretation of the old blues song, from my CD “Three’s A Crowd”). 

With Julian Carey (voice) and Jim White (drums and electronics).


Juliet (an original composition, from "The Romeo and Juliet Project" by UNC Jazz Lab Band I). 

Features Julia Dollison (voice). This segment is near the beginning of the piece.



Juliet (an original composition, from "The Romeo and Juliet Project" by UNC Jazz Lab Band I).

This segment is near the end of the piece.


Amelia (an arrangement of the Joni Mitchell song, from the CD "Born To Wander").

With Kate Skinner (voice) and Steve Kovalcheck (guitar).


Standing Room Only, my bass solo (on an original song, from my CD “Two’s Company”). 

With Steve Kovalcheck (guitar).



We Will Rock You (an arrangement of the Queen song, from my CD "Three's A Crowd").

With Steve Kovalcheck (guitar) and Jim White (drums). 


Back When It Was Fun (from my CD “Three’s A Crowd”). 

With Julia Dollison (voice) and Dana Landry (piano).


The Feud (an original composition, from "The Romeo and Juliet Project" by UNC Jazz Lab Band I).


Margareta (from Ingrid Jensen’s CD “Infinitude”). 

Ingrid Jensen’s trumpet solo. 

Music video for my song "Red Skies"

Live In-Studio video for "Leave Me Be"

from my CD "Twos' Company"

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